In alphabetical order by surname

  • Barbara Finamore

    Senior Strategic Director, Asia

  • Ning (Lisa) Hua

    Director, China Conservation Project

  • Hyoung Mi Kim

    Senior Utility Specialist, Clean Power Project, China Program

  • Wei Li

    China Fishery Policy Analyst, Ocean Program

  • Alvin Lin

    Director, Climate and Energy Policy, China Program

  • Zixin (Cindy) Lin

    Program Analyst, Health Program

  • Mingming Liu

    Senior Policy Analyst, Clean Power Project, China Program

  • Zhiming Pan

    Director, China Sustainable Cities Project, China Program

  • Jingjing Qian

    Director, China Program

  • Yan Wang

    Director, Environmental Law & Governance Project, and Associate Director, China Program

  • Wanxing Wang

    Senior Advisor on Clean Power, China Program

  • Jingtao Shan

    Project Manager, Green Ports and Shipping Project

  • Qi Wu

    Staff Attorney, China Environmental Law & Governance Project, China Program

  • Fuqiang Yang

    Senior Adviser on Climate and Energy, China Program

  • Mona Yew

    Deputy Director, China Program

  • Xiya Zhang

    Project Advocate, China Environmental Law and Governance Project, China Program